Terminal cheat sheet

Terminal Cheat Sheet

Command Purpose
brew install Installs software from Homebrew
brew re-install Re-installs software from Homebrew
ls -la [path] Check who owns directory
id -un Check if your current user owns the directory
sudo chown -R [owner] change permission access of root files to admin
ps -ax; kill(PID number) Force quits an unresponsive application
brew pin Pin a specified formulae, preventing them from being upgraded when issuing the brew upgrade command.
brew list -1 List installed formulae, one entry per line, or the installed files for a given formulae.
brew list –pinned Show the versions of pinned formulae, or only the specified (pinned) formulae if formulae are given.
brew update && brew outdated Fetch the newest version of Homebrew and all formulae, then list outdated formulae.
brew upgrade && brew cleanup Upgrade outdated, unpinned brews (with existing install options), then removes stale lock files and outdated downloads for formulae and casks, and removes old versions of installed formulae.
bubo && bubc Updates Homebrew, lists outdated formulae, upgrades oudated and unpinned formulae, and removes stale and outdated downloads and versions.
brew update && brew cask outdated Fetch the newest version of Homebrew and all formulae, then list outdated casks.
brew cask reinstall $(brew cask outdated) && brew cleanup Updates outdated casks, then runs cleanup.
npm outdated Checks outdated node packages
npm update -g Updates all packages



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